Two-stage reverse osmosis equipment

Two-stage reverse osmosis equipment

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Equipment introduction:

Reverse osmosis (RO) is the selective retention of a reverse osmosis membrane that allows only water molecules to pass through. At a pressure above the osmotic pressure of the solution, the water molecules are continuously permeable to the membrane, while the heavy metal is smaller than the pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane. Ions, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. are trapped on the water inlet side of the membrane to achieve separation and purification purposes. The entire working principle is based on physical methods, without adding any fungicides and chemicals, so chemical disguise does not occur.

The second-stage reverse osmosis pure water equipment uses the first-stage reverse osmosis water as the raw water for the second reverse osmosis purification, and the water conductivity is ≤3us/cm. It has been widely used in water treatment.

Process flow:

Raw water→raw water tank→raw water booster pump→quartz sand filter→activated carbon filter→scale inhibitor loading equipment→precision filter→first stage high pressure pump→first stage reverse osmosis system→secondary high pressure pump→secondary reverse osmosis System→Pure water tank→Water supply pump→UV sterilizer→post filter→water point

Equipment advantage:

· Large water permeability and high salt rejection rate. ≥98% under normal conditions;

· High removal and removal of organic matter, colloids, particles, bacteria, viruses, heat sources, etc.;

·Low energy consumption, high water utilization rate, and lower operating costs than other desalination equipment;

·The separation process has no phase change and has reliable stability;

·The device is small in size, simple in operation, easy to maintain, adaptable and long in service life;

Application field:

·Ultra-pure water treatment in industries such as electronics, semiconductors, printed circuit boards and integrated circuits, and precision machinery manufacturing

·Processing pure water treatment in industries such as fine chemicals, sophisticated science, and cosmetics manufacturing

·Health-grade pure water treatment in food, beverage and other industries

·Purified water treatment in pharmaceutical, medical, life science and other industries

· Wastewater treatment in industries such as metallurgy, light industry, electroplating and leather

· Low-pressure boiler feed water required softening water and demineralized pure water treatment

·Seawater and brackish water desalination treatment

After sales service:

· Provide home installation and commissioning

·One year free warranty

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