Water treatment industry - common problems

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Now water pollution is becoming increasingly serious, many industrial plants and families have bought water purification equipment, but do not know how to maintain the equipment consumables, how often to change, because of the wrong operation led to the service life of equipment, consumables greatly reduced, follow qin taisheng to understand it together:

How many RO membranes can a membrane shell hold?

Membrane shell can be installed several RO membrane is decided according to the size of the membrane shell, the membrane shell in the material is divided into stainless steel membrane shell and glass steel membrane shell, in the size of a core (that is, a film), two core, three core, four core, five core, six core.

The higher the temperature the more pure water?

The core filtration component of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is membrane element. The filtration effect of membrane element is directly related to the feed water temperature. The higher the feed water temperature is, the greater the flux (the more pure water is produced), but the lower the conductivity is.

Yin resin and Yang resin repeated regeneration but the system of pure water or unqualified, what reason?

One is that the resin has failed. Although resin can be recycled and used repeatedly, but is not unlimited, the general effect of the best domestic resin cycle is a year, more than a year after the regeneration cycle will be very short, until the failure. Second, resin poisoning. This kind of circumstance happens to feed water water quality is very poor, resinous poison sees iron poison again more (feed water is ground water). Third, the water quality becomes worse. How good a pure resin is depends on the process, the quality of the resin and the water quality. Fourth, the resin regeneration method is improper or the use of chemical agents have problems

Can reverse osmosis effluent be used as boiler inlet water?

Yes, reverse osmosis technology is through the pressure difference to remove dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic substances and other substances in the water, and boiler water only on the hardness requirements, reverse osmosis can effectively remove the hardness.

Notes for restart after long shutdown of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment?

Attention should be paid to empty the membrane shell, pipe air and water, the method is very simple, when starting the full open waste water discharge valve, using low pressure flushing. Also pay attention to adjusting the relevant valves of the equipment.

There's nothing in the RO system to add to it, right?

Common agents used in RO reverse osmosis system are scale inhibitors, fungicides and PH value modifiers (acid and alkali), adding scale inhibitors is to prevent RO system membrane elements blocking, RO system fungicides are used in the reclaimed water system, groundwater treatment, surface water treatment and other processes. The PH value regulator (acid base) regulates the PH of the effluent from the RO system.

How long can reverse osmosis membrane be used?

The service life of reverse osmosis membrane is related to many factors, the important factors are the chemical stability of the membrane itself, the flow rate in the water purifier, the cleanability, the water quality of the inlet water source, the pretreatment of the inlet water source, the frequency of frequent cleaning, the operation level and so on. In general, a membrane can last for three years if the water quality in your home meets the national standard for tap water.

What is the reason for the decline of ultra-pure water equipment?

Check whether there is any fault in the exhaust port of the water storage tank. It is easy for the exhaust port to enter the outside air and bring in bacteria, particulate matter, etc., which will pollute the pure water in the storage tank. Therefore, it is suggested to configure the ventilation port with a filter

What are the suitable environmental conditions for RO membrane preservation?

Suitable temperature for RO film storage is 25 ℃. The temperature range should be between 5 and 45 degrees. If it is winter, RO film should be kept below 0 degrees, especially not frozen. If it doesn't freeze very much, it will melt slowly and can be used. But generally speaking, RO film if over ice, will affect the service life, is no longer qualified. RO film can not be placed in the sun exposure, the best indoor storage, placed in a ventilated dry environment.

Well, the introduction here, the above is qin taisheng for you to answer the water treatment industry FAQ, if you want to know more can call our national hotline let us study together