What is the price of pure water equipment?

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Recently, there are often more customers who ask for 3 tons of pure water equipment. How much does the pure water equipment contain tax? Quote me for pure water equipment?

Quotes at least say the requirements on your side, as well as your raw water quality and other information.

So, which industries are the pure water equipment mainly used in?
Pure water, DIwater
Applications: cleaning pure water in the IC industry, ultra-pure water equipment for OLED cleaning ultra-pure water solar photovoltaic, ultra-pure water equipment for the optoelectronic industry, ultra-pure water equipment for the semiconductor industry, monocrystalline silicon/polysilicon/silicon materials/solar cells Industrial ultra-pure water equipment, LCD liquid crystal display pure water equipment, LED optical ultra-pure water equipment, glass coating supporting ultra-high purity water equipment, ultra-pure water equipment for optical lens cleaning, thin-film battery polycrystalline ingot ultra-pure water equipment, EDI Ion, ultra-pure water treatment equipment for various industries.

Features: In the equipment design, the two-stage RO+EDI+ fine mixed bed demineralized water treatment process with mature, reliable, advanced and high degree of automation is adopted. The whole membrane processing technology: UF+ two-stage RO+EDI+ polishing mixed bed. Ensure that the effluent resistivity after treatment reaches 18 MΩ.CM or higher. Guarantee the quality of the product!

Demineralized water

Applicable in: thermal power plant and large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises boiler softening water supply water treatment equipment, boiler softening demineralization equipment, reverse osmosis desalination treatment system, thermal power plant water vapor circulation system, air conditioning, cold storage and other circulating cooling water equipment, other industries Circulating water treatment equipment.

Features: The use of the world's most advanced reverse osmosis membrane components, pressure vessels and other equipment, coupled with reasonable and pre-treatment and post-processing equipment, can produce water in line with the power industry, high pressure boiler feed water standards. The control system adopts the industrial computer program control control, which can realize automatic start and stop, dosing and flushing, and automatically monitor various operating parameters for production management.

Water treatment

Application: electroplating water reuse, electroplating wastewater treatment and reuse equipment, printed circuit board wastewater treatment and reuse, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment reuse, liquid crystal display wastewater reuse, food wastewater treatment reuse, electronic and semiconductor wastewater reuse technology, The papermaking wastewater is treated and reused, and the municipal sewage is reused.

Features: The whole membrane treatment technology of continuous microfiltration + ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis membrane filtration forms its own unique complete treatment process, which can ensure the stable water quality and recover useful metals to create benefits for the enterprise.

Type: reverse osmosis pure water treatment equipment, deionized water equipment, ion exchange mixed bed equipment, deionized water equipment for surface treatment, pure water equipment for PCB plating, water for chemical fertilizer plant, chemical water, daily cosmetics Pure water equipment, purified raw material intermediates for pharmaceutical raw materials, pure water equipment for bioengineering, pure water equipment for metallurgical chemicals.

Features: Reasonable design based on customer requirements. The main components are made of world famous brand products, with advanced technology, reliable performance and excellent water production performance.